Stewardship, according to the Oxford Dictionary, is the act of taking care of something: an organization, perhaps, or a retirement plan, a home, many acres of land or our own backyard. A more pointed—and more complicated—definition of the term includes the recognition that each of us has an inevitable impact on the planet. Good stewardship principles direct us to first consider where and how we affect our world and then to adopt strategies that will make our impact more positive.

Stewardship and Investment Fiduciary Standards

As one of the oldest and most revered concepts in law, the fiduciary standard requires competent and ethical conduct. Financial planners and other wealth-management professionals who offer fiduciary services have a legal—and moral—obligation to effectively steward the assets and resources entrusted to their care, ensuring they are preserved for the future.

Fiduciary Insights’ philosophy takes this fiduciary responsibility one step further. As we consider the environmental changes our fragile planet faces, a competent and ethical fiduciary standard must consider the local and global effects of its activities. We cannot protect our planet for future generations without acknowledging the full impact of our financial activities and taking steps to ensure our impact is positive. 

Fiduciary Insights services offer guidance and subject matter expertise in fiduciary standards.

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What we do now means everything. Our actions define our history, shape the future and become our legacy. When good stewardship includes fiduciary responsibility, we become agents of positive change.