Stewardship and
ESG Investing Standards

Fiduciary Insights is grounded in the belief that using environmental, social and governance factors—also known as ESG—improves outcomes across the board. In fact, ESG investing produces triple bottom-line results: It benefits people, the planet, and profitability.

Although the term ESG gets used a lot these days, and often too loosely, the philosophy behind the impulse is sound. We need to be reminded that environmental, social and governance factors are part of good stewardship. In fact, Fiduciary Insights operates with the understanding that in a relatively short period of time, investing using ESG factors will be a generally accepted investment principle and fiduciary obligation.

We live in an interconnected, interdependent world. What we do with portfolios—and our backyards—has a real and profound impact on the planet. To help clients become positive agents of change, Fiduciary Insights services include guidance and subject matter expertise in ESG investing standards.

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Stewardship: the act of caring for precious resources. Fiduciary responsibility includes consideration of ESG factors. With effort, we can become informed, purposeful and effective agents of change.