Blaine Aikin, AIFA®, CFA, CFP ®, is both founder and sole employee of Fiduciary Insights LLC. Through Fiduciary Insights, he works to promote financial well-being while protecting the planet’s natural resources. In fact, Fiduciary Insights offers services that emphasize the fundamental and profound ways these two seemingly disparate arenas—finance and conservation—are profoundly and fundamentally interconnected. 

The mission: to cultivate and serve a community committed to sound stewardship of the resources entrusted to them

The vision: a world culture that values and promotes responsible and sustainable management of financial, social, and natural resources

Fiduciary Insights works with investment fiduciaries and forest stewards—and other like-minded people and organizations—as a consultant and collaborator, facilitator, and subject matter expert.

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Blaine Aikin: a short biography

Blaine’s professional life includes more than 35 years spent working in financial and fiduciary services. His personal and philanthropic pursuits are focused on the environment—particularly forest stewardship. His professional and personal lives converge in his interest in ESG (environmental, social, governance) investment factors. Blaine currently serves on the executive committee of the Center for Private Forests at Penn State University. His bio follows.

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The past is our inheritance. The future is our legacy. We can view our lives with disappointment, indifference, or gratitude. The choice is ours. What we do now means everything.


— Blaine Aikin